05 Mar

ARBOS Company for Music and Theatre (Austria)

Festival Artists

ARBOS – Company for Music and Theatre in Vienna, Salzburg and Klagenfurt, is a society specialized in the realization of new forms of theatre especially of projects for contemporary new music theatre, scenic concerts, theatre for young people, theatre concerts, deaf theatre, directed space, theatrical exhibitions and other forms of the arts (crossover projects).

ARBOS received awards for projects such as “The Emperor of Atlantis” (an opera by Viktor Ullmann and Petr Kien), “Different Trains” (three operas dealing with the Holocaust), “I Can See Something You Can’t See” (a deaf theatre play for children), and more.

ARBOS has partners and performances across 32 countries. It’s also a member of three international organizations: Musica Reanimata Berlin, NewOp International Contemporary Music Theatre Conference, and Deaf Theatre Network Europe Vienna.