28 Nov

Duarte (Portugal), Fado singer

Festival Artists

Duarte began to sing fado as a joke, but in 1997 he assumed a commitment to “a fado, as a space par excellence of his musical expression”, developing researches of lyrics and music of the traditional fado.

In 2004 he presented his first album “Fados Meus” and, in October of the same year, Maria da Fé and the invited Duarte to join the cast of the typical Senhor Vinho restaurant.

In November 2006 Duarte having been distinguished with the Amália Rodrigues Men’s Revelation.

In 2009, Duarte present thee new album “Aquelas Coisas da Gente” and his work at the Fado Museum and also on tour in Portugal, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
In 2014 he began the project of his most recent work published under his name “Sem |
In November 2015 (in Portugal) and on February 2016 (in France), Duarte publishes a CD “Sem Dor Nem Piedade” and afterwards goes on tour in all regions of France as well as concerts in Portugal.

In 2018 Duarte launched its 4º original album, “Só a cantar”.