The Festival

About the Festival:

The Felicja Blumental International Music Festival

The festival was established by Annette Celine in May 1999 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Ms. Celine, an artist and a singer, daughter of the famous pianist Felicja Blumental, was the artistic director of the festival for its first 19 years, with Avigail Arnheim as the executive director.

Ms. Celine passed away on June 3, 2017.

Since then, Avigail is leading the festival’s musical program together with Idit Magal. Avigail describes their vision: “It is the curiosity for music-making from all over the world in classical music, ethnic and jazz, as well as special joint projects that bring together a musical week with a twist for the public in Tel Aviv.”

The Felicja Blumental International Music Festival

16-21 March, 2020

At the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Founded by Annette Celine


Dear Audience,

The Felicja Blumental International Music Festival celebrates its 22nd year and presents a fascinating program that features Beethoven 7th symphony (1812) at the opening concert, and Steve Reich’s well-known composition for 18 musicians (1976) at the closing concert.

Another pick of the festival will be the world-premiere of the opera “The Crystal Bowl” by Hanna Adjiashvili (2020). Each one of these compositions creates its own reality of sound that evokes our imagination.

The presence of Israeli musicians together with guests from Portugal, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK create exquisite encounters and exchanges of musical ideas.

For the first time we’re holding an international singing competition in memory of Annette Celine, the festival’s founder.

Join us for six days of baroque, classical, contemporary jazz and Fado music.