22 Jun

Gulaza Yemenite women songs 26.7

News & Updates, Programme 2020

26.7, Sunday 18:00, Assia Auditorium, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts

Opening concert

Gulaza – Yemenite women songs, sung by a man with an acoustic chamber ensemble.

Four artists come together and continue the natural evolution of Yemenite Women songs.

The songs are sung with the voice of a man (Igal Gulaza), along with inclinational and mystical texts, and a special instrumental ensemble. They create a unique sound that takes the audience to a journey into the world of prayer, dance rhythm, passion, and longing for freedom.

Guest singer – the flamenco and ladino singer, Mor Karbasi.

Gulaza is a musical performance that carries a universal message and a moving story. Every song is a story onto itself that tells the life of women and expresses their protest against society. The show weaves the stories of Jewish women who were married in childhood and were displaced from their homes, into powerful sounds and dance that transcend time.

Igal Gulaza – vocal, percussions and artistic director

Liat Saba – cello

Yair Hashahar – guitars

David Degami – cümbüş and percussion

Guest singer – the international flamenco and ladino singer, Mor Karbasi.

80 NIS | Seniors, students 70 NIS