Terms & Regulations


Application form should be submitted online between October 1st to December 1st, 2019.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application must be accompanied by the following:

  • a copy of a passport or an official ID card
  • a brief CV that includes past education and past education and performing experience
  • the chosen competition repertoire
  • photograph
  • a quality audio-visual recording for pre-selection purposes.


Audio-visual recording requirements

The singer must be clearly visible throughout the performance in the audio-visual recording. The recording must not be edited. The place and date of the recording must be stated in the application documents. The video performance must consist of one aria from an opera or oratorio and one Lied from the  Romantic Repertoire.


Registration fee: 150 NIS. (Non refundable)




A panel appointed by the competition committee will select 16–20 singers based on the application documents and audio-visual recordings. The names of the chosen singers will be announced on the competition website by 1st January, 2020.




The order of performance will be decided by lottery at the Felicja Blumental Music Centre at the opening ceremony of the competition on Sunday, 1st March 2020. The order of performance will remain the same throughout the competition.


Preliminary round (March 15-16)

The number of compositions is not limited but the program must include:


  • one aria from an opera or oratorio
  • one Lied from the  romantic repertoire ( in different languege from the first piece)


The performance should last no longer than 15 minutes.

All compositions must be sung from memory.

The Jury will select up to 8 singers from the preliminary round for the semifinals.


Semifinals, (March 18)

The number of songs is not limited but the program must include:


  • two arias from an opera or/and oratorio
  • two Lieder (at least one from the German or French repertoire)
  • one song by an Israeli composer (1 song from the list:)Aharon Harlap – 3 songs for mezzo-soprano (or baritone) and pianoBoaz Ben Moshe – James Joyce songs (English)Oded Zehavi – from Lonely Bird: no. 1 / no. 5 / no. 8 / no. 12 (Hebrew)Uri Brener – Psalm 13 (Hebrew) / Tocco di vita for mezzo-soprano and piano (Italian)Amos Elkana – Crow with no mouth for soprano and piano (English)Talia Amar – There is a moment that the light (Hebrew) for voice and pianoNaama Tamir – 4 songs for baritone and piano (Hebrew) / Hinach Yafa (Hebrew)Noa Haran – Through the Lattice (Hebrew) for mezzo-soprano and pianoSireen Elias  – Panasim (Hebrew) for soprano and piano

    Dina Smorgonskaya –  Pentastih. 5 songs on 5 languages

    Ella Milch- Sheriff – Woman in paths for soprano or mezzo-soprano

*All notes will be available on-line to participants after registration


The performance should last no longer than 20- 25 minutes.

All compositions (excluding the Israeli song) must be sung from memory.

All compositions should be different from the 1st round.

The Jury will select up to 4 singers from the semifinal round for the finals.


Finals (March 20)

The program should consist of the repertoire from the previous rounds. You may also add a new composition.


The performance must last no longer than 30 – 35 minutes.




An accompanist will be provided for the competition, although participants may bring their own accompanist.




Changes may be made to the submitted repertoire until January 25, 2020.

All compositions must be performed in the original language.


The order of performed compositions is up to the singer. The jury must be informed of the order at the beginning of each round.



VII. Jury

General Management cannot guarantee that all rounds of the competition will be held in front of the complete and entire jury.




The following prizes will be awarded:


1st Prize: $12,000 + performing at the Felicja Blumental International Music Festival 2021.

2nd Prize: $8,000

3rd Prize: $6,000

4th Prize: $4,000


The jury reserves the right to refrain from awarding a prize altogether or to divide a prize.




Singers will pay for their own accommodation. Each singer will be responsible for their own travelling expenses to Tel Aviv.




Singers undertake to abide by the competition rules, the rules governing performance and the Jury’s decisions. A singer that fails to abide by the rules may be disqualified from the competition.

The competition organizers or an agreed third party have unlimited rights, both regional and temporal, to record, show and distribute the competition performances in various media without payment to the singer in question.

The competition organizers retain the right to alter the rules.