21 Nov

The Baroque & Jazz Odyssey

News & Updates, Programme 2020

16.3 Mon. 21:00

The Baroque & Jazz Odyssey

Hila Baggio, soprano with players from the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

New Israeli Vocal Ensemble. Yuval Ben Ozer, conductor

Yuval Cohen Jazz Sextet

Due to the Ministry of Health’s regulations following the global COVID-19 outbreak, the Geneva Camerata had to cancel their arrival to Israel.

We would like to thank the Israeli musicians for joining the festival.


J. S. Bach – Cantata no. 209 for soprano

J. S. Bach – Preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier (vocal arrangements)

Yuval Cohen – The KadishZuger Suite for jazz sextet


Yuval Cohen – saxophone

Maya Belsitzman – cello

Jonathan Voltzok – trombone

Katia Toobool – piano

Guy Levy – bass

Yonatan Rosen – drums

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Recanati Auditorium),